DZDK udvider i år sit staff, og i år har vi en udlænding på holdet, derfor er artiklen på engelsk.

Whats your name? Nick Gallo

Age? I’m 23 years old

Where are you from? Where else have you lived, and how and why did you come to Denmark? -Im from a little town in Normandie, France. And I lived for almost two years in New Zealand before coming to Denmark.

Number of jumps? I’ve got 1770 jumps

Ratings? Got the uspa Coach and AFF instructor ratings and A,B,C,D licences in FR, NZ and US systems

When did you make your first jump, and why? I did my first static line in 2008 in a skydiving “sport summer camp”

How was your first skydive? Can’t remember a thing

Favorite discipline in skydiving? Swooping and freefly (angle flight mostly)

Favorite memory in skydiving? Between 18 way tracking, swooping a pond for the first time, jumping in a new country, first grip while backflying with a tandem, first AFF jump as an instructor, DZs parties, landing in the snow, jumping between two layers of clouds with a sunset in the middle, competition jumps, end of the day’s beer… Can’t just pick one

What do you like most about our sport? Freedom

Who is your mentor?  A french skydiver dude I know since I’m 17 years old. Always been there for me, and put me into my very first angle jumps.

And good advise to new skydivers? Don’t give up, enjoy and stay humble.

Speed round:

Sunrise/Sunset? Sunset

Freefall or under canopy? Both

Pizza or Burger? The second on top of the first

Most people dont know this about me: They don’t know a lot of things about me

What do you like about DZDK? Feels like a proper drop zone, with the skydivig spirit and a lot of motivated people

Any last comment? Skydive, Swoop and Sbeers !

Du kan møde Nick på DZDK hver dag – hele sæsonen! Han er altid klar på et freefly spring!