Name: Marcos Darman

Age: 30

Number of jumps: +6900

How, when and where did you start skydiving?
I’m the 3th generation of skydivers in the family and I work packing parachutes since I was 15. My family used to manage a small drop zone and I grow up on it. But mum didn’t let me jump (not even tandem) until I was 18 years old. So, in December of 2006 I did 3 tandems the same day and 2 weeks later I was jumping by myself.

How was your first jump?
Intense, I have taught the ground school plenty of times and been in the plane as they drop, but the climb up with all that info in your head is overwhelming, it took me a couple of jumps to relax and stop pushing myself that hard to make it right.

What is your most memorable jump?
I have plenty of great memories but if I must choose one…puff…doing canopy formation on top of the palm in Dubai is certainly one that I can close my eyes and feel it again (video a 26 way). Jumping with my family is always great, give the license to my younger brother a proud moment. And jumping on a demo “at night” landing on the water in Copenhagen a scary one.

Why did you choose to work at Dropzone Denmark?
Not sure yet, must be “the pond”

What is your favourite part/discipline about the sport?
I love teaching, feel proud of my students in any discipline, but flying small parachutes blow my mind. I can’t stop talking about it. Be one with your parachute…

Why do you think people should skydive?
Because there is nothing like it!! I did it 7000 times and still excited about it, must be something special on it.

Your best advice to the new jumpers?
Pay your beer fines! And hangout with your instructor they talk a lot more when they aren’t busy saving your life.

Freefall or canopy?
XRW fells like Freefall


Pack yourself or getting it pack by the packers?
Most packers don’t want to pack for me, but if there is someone of trust I rather focus on the student.

Most people don’t know this about me?
I learned to fly Hang gliders when I was 13 years old. I have a scuba diving license and 1200 skydives on the beach, but the ocean scares me. I don’t do drugs, but I drink stouts.