Name: Tomas Matos

Age: 32

Number of jumps: 1480+ 

Q: How, when and where did you start skydiving? 
A: When I was 22 years old my family and friends gave me an adventure voucher from where I could choose one experience from. Needless to say, tandem jump was the choice. Did it in my home country, Portugal.
With/after the tandem jump came the idea “ok, now I want to jump by myself” and after a couple of years and hundred jumps the idea “I want to do this for life and share with people what skydiving really is” came to mind, so I worked hard for it and here I am now working on making others feel the same way I did or better. 

Q: How was your first jump? A: I still can’t really describe it. Just WOW. 

Q: What is your most memorable jump?A: All are memorable, every jump has it’s own special thing. But the first still gives me a few goose bumps hahaha.

Q: Why did you choose to work at Dropzone Denmark? A: Why not?? =)

Tomas matos with friends

Q: What is your favourite part/discipline about the sport?A: Favourite part… The exilirating feeling you get after each exit/jump and the smile it leaves you with during days and days haha. Also being able to share the sky with others and being part of peoples first experience in the sky is a great feeling.Favourite discipline… Swooping/canopy piloting has always been there, but is growing more and more in me. 

Q: Why do you think people should skydive? A: You won’t get a feeling of freedom like this anywhere else. Just come and do it and you’ll see… 

Q: Freefall or canopy?A: Well… depending on the canopy used, or type of jump, you can get both at same time, no? Hahaha 

Q: Pack yourself or getting it packed by the packers? A: I was a packer for a few years so packers have my respect, but I do love to pack my canopy hahaha I don’t mind helping them when needed though

Q: Most people don’t know this about you… A:  Well… I basically base jumped with just a pillowcase from a 4meter terrace when I was like 5years old.