About Dropzone Denmark

Dropzone Denmark is the country's only professional skydive center. Located at Herning Airport in the heart of Jutland, we are a focal point for skydiving in Denmark.

We have a large team of passionate people who all work together to give our customers the best experience with skydiving. When the season is running, we have around 40 employees divided between instructors, packers, pilots, ground crew, café, reception, customer service, sales, marketing and management.

Peter Svalø, owner, CEO and chief instructor

Titles: USPA safety and training advisor, DFU instructor I, tandem instructor, AFF instructor, IAD instructor, coach, videographer, HALO operator.

Peter started in the sport in 2010. Since then he has dedicated his life to the sport and, among other things, worked in countries such as New Zealand, Nepal, Croatia and Kuwait. When he became a DFU instructor I he was the youngest ever and also the only one with all titles under DFU. Peter took over at Dropzone Denmark in 2018.

Christian Støvring, manager, instructor and safety officer

Titles: Tandem instructor, AFF instructor, IAD instructor, coach, videographer, HALO operator.

Christian started in the sport in 2013 and today he is one of the most experienced instructors in the country. He has worked for Dropzone Denmark since 2018 and is, among other things, in charge of all educational material. In the winter, he works as a tandem instructor in Nepal with the Himalayas as the background scenery.


Dropzone Denmark opened its doors for the first time on May 1st 2015. Since then, we have developed faster than we had dared to dream of. There are 17 skydiving clubs in Denmark in addition to Dropzone Denmark, but we already have half of the activity in Denmark in certain areas.

In addition to the high level of activity, we have also moved the standard for skydiving on many fronts in Denmark.

In 2015, Dropzone Denmark had the only large aircraft for skydiving in the country. In 2023, 3 more have been added.

Every year we have 2-5 foreign instructors, several of whom are among the world's elite. We actually have more than 30 nationalities visiting us every year.

For several years we have also had the country's only female tandem instructors.

We are the country's absolute largest and leading skydiving school for educating solo skydivers.

In addition to the work at Dropzone Denmark, our skydiving team is helping to push what is possible on the international stage with jumps on e.g. Mount Everest and Antarctica.


At Dropzone Denmark, our core foundation is to offer skydiving to as many people as possible, as safely as possible and at the same time develop the sport in Denmark and Europe.

Our values can be roughly defined in 3 areas.

The sport

With the availability of the world's best coaches and instructors, we are a leader in the development of the sport. We don't want to become a tandem factory, but rather have as wide a crowd of skydivers as possible. We will continue to have Denmark's largest skydiving school and continue to hold competitions and events for the whole of Europe as well as the world's elite.


We set the standard for safety in Denmark and Europe. With the world's best instructors and requirements for sport jumpers, as well as instructors, you won't find a safer place to skydive. We have the latest equipment, which we get checked by the most skilled riggers. So you don't have to be nervous about skydiving with us. We ARE the country's safest place to skydive.


As the country's only professional skydiving center, we prioritize availability and service just as much as safety. There is a fantastic club atmosphere here, and we always strive to make your stay as good as possible. You don't have to be a member or cover voluntary roles to jump with us.