Facilities at Dropzone Denmark

An all inclusive professional dropzone

NOMAD Bar & Café

The café is the central focal point at Dropzone Denmark. Here, tandem guests, new and experienced jumpers meet for pleasant moments in an international bar and cafe environment.

We have a well-stocked selection of food and drinks at reasonable prices. There is plenty of space to enjoy your food both inside and outside on our large inviting deck. The deck offers an unobstructed view of the runway and the many parachutes that are constantly descending from the sky.

When the sun goes down,  the sound level go up and the café is transformed into a cozy bar with a party until the bright morning. The café is of course open to everyone, regardless of whether you come by plane, car, bus or bicycle. Feel free to use us as a stop on an excursion or spend a different day with lots of exciting jumps to look at.

The café is normally only open when we have jump activity. You can see our inspection report and smiley rating on the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's website.

Rent the facilities

If you want to host an event out of the ordinary, the team behind Dropzone Denmark and NOMAD Bar & Café are ready to give you the party of a lifetime. With unique settings at Herning Airport and Dropzone Denmark, we can offer spectacular parties for up to a hundred participants.

With its own kitchen, the option of overnight accommodation and far away from the nearest neighbor, Dropzone Denmark and NOMAD Bar & Cafe are the obvious choice as the location for your next party. Contact us at info@dropzonedenmark.dk or +45 22 40 11 17 and hear more about the possibilities - only your imagination is the limits.

Please note that it is only possible to host large events when there is no jump activity. The season runs from April 1st to October 31st.


Dropzone Denmark has a nice bunkhouse with 24 beds in 4 and 8 people rooms. There are men's and women's changing rooms with shower cabins and toilets. The bunkhouse is 50 meters from the main building, where you will find the reception, the shop, the café and the hangar.

When you book an overnight stay in the bunkhouse, bed linen and towels are included. If you stay overnight in connection with a skydive, one night costs approx. 17 €, otherwise it costs approx. 34 €.

You can book a bed in the bunkhouse by contacting the reception or email us at info@dropzonedenmark.dk.


Behind the bunkhouse you will find Dropzone Denmark's camping area. Here there is room for your caravan or tent and thus ample opportunity for overnight accommodation. Contact the reception upon arrival and we will find a good spot for you.

It costs approx. 7 € per night to use the shower facilities etc. If you use electricity in your caravan, it will also be billed.

Summer houses

At Feline holidays you will find a large selection of holiday homes in all sizes and price ranges in Midtjylland. See them at www.feline.dk.


Dropzone Denmark has the country's largest and fastest skydiving plane, a Cessna 208 Supervan with room for 20 skydivers. So there is plenty of room for you and your friends. And with a flight time of only 15 minutes to 15,000 ft, you will soon be ready to jump again.

The plane has a turbine engine which is incredibly reliable and built for skydiving. It is more environmentally friendly than various piston engine aircrafts. And with 5 blades on the propeller, it is also less noisy than other skydiving planes.

Swoop pond

Dropzone Denmark has Europe's largest swoop pond at 90 x 30 meters with circulating water. The pond is located facing west-northwest, with a 30 meter gravel pit at the end. There are only 100 meters to the hangar, packaging facilities and the café. Spectators have a clear view of the pond from the deck.

The large pond makes Dropzone Denmark an ideal place for swoopers to practice. Our hop'n'pop height is set to 6,000 ft, so you have plenty of time to make your setup. We hold the annual SunPath Open, a major international swoop competition with participants from all over the world.

Other facilities

At Dropzone Denmark, we have built a place where our facilities are optimized for you as a skydiver.

Indoor packing area

Our large hangar has plenty of space for packing. A soft packing mat covers the entire area and with plenty of weights to hold your gear. Are you short on loops or rubber bands? Ask one of our packers and they will provide you with it.

The rig racks are free to use, but please clean up after yourself and take your things with you when you check out.


We always have packers on site ready to pack your parachute if you are in a hurry or would rather enjoy your break.

Video debriefing

You can debrief your jump on our big screen in the café or the class room, as long as it is not in use for another purpose.


There is free Wi-Fi on the entire dropzone. The network is "DropzoneGuest" and the code is: 11111111.

The shop

You can buy t-shirts, caps and other merch in our shop near the reception. Of course we also have batteries, log books and other useful things related to skydiving.

TV, movie and marketing production

Dropzone Denmark is Denmark's only professional skydiving center, and the safe choice for your TV, movie or marketing production.

We are the most experienced with commercial skydive operation in Denmark. Our experienced video jumpers and stuntmen can get exactly the scene or angle you want in the box. Our employees have over 20,000 jumps and over 50 years of combined experience.

Our video jumpers have helmets with the option to mount large high-end cameras such as the RED Dragon for film productions, or several smaller cameras for e.g. TV production. Our video jumpers and instructors have experience from e.g. Hollywood productions, Reality shows, Sitcoms, photos for marketing, etc.

We are proud to be an official partner with Prime Productions AMG.

If you are looking for a way to get a unique stage for your production, contact head director Peter Svalø at peter@dropzonedenmark.dk.

We continuously post examples of material we deliver on our Facebook page. Production companies often prefer Dropzone Denmark for their productions because of our unique opportunity for privacy, which is often preferable for larger projects.

Demo jumps

Dropzone Denmark's demo team travels around and makes skydiving demos for city parties, football matches, air shows and much more. Our jumpers are very experienced and deliver a unique show where they demonstrate their skills in free fall and with their parachutes. Do you need an eye-catcher for your city party? We can help. We have experience landing in stadiums, city centers, backyards and beaches, and even lakes! We can land with your flag or smoke bombs. Limited only by imagination.

As Denmark's professional skydiving center, we deliver a professional demo - EVERY time! The price for a Dropzone Denmark demos starts at 25,000 DKK. The price depends on how far the plane has to fly and the nature of the demo.

Contact chief instructor Peter Svalø at peter@dropzonedenmark.dk for more information.