Tandem jump

Experience the rush of a tandem jump
at Denmarks only professional skydiving center


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Tandemspring hos Danmarks eneste professionelle faldskærmscenter, i hjertet af Jylland

A tandem jump is an unforgettable experience and a unique opportunity to overcome your own limits. It gives you both the wildest adrenaline rush, the feeling of freedom and the most beautiful view, all at the same time.

Dropzone Denmark is the only professional skydiving center in Denmark, with over 15,000 jumps per year and the highest safety standards. In addition, we employ only the best tandem instructors and parachute packers. Therefore, you can be 100% certain that when you do a tandem jump with us, you are in the safest hands and can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

We also offer the largest selection of tandem jumps in the country, so you can have the experience that suits you best.

Tandem jump prices

The price for a tandem jump can vary quite a bit, depending on your wishes and needs. First, you must choose from which height you want to make your jump. Here you have to consider whether you would like to experience the rush of the free fall, or whether it is perhaps only the sightseeing tour under the canopy that you want. If you're after the adrenaline rush of the free fall experience, how wild do you want it to be? Is 4.5 km enough, or do you want to try Europe's highest jump at 7,6 km?

After you have chosen your height, you must now make a decision about how your jump will be filmed and immortalized. Here we have three different packages to choose from.

So, depending on which combination you end up with, your tandem jump can cost from 2,495 - 14,995 DKK.

2,495 DKK

Not so much free fall

Focus on the parachute ride

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2,995 DKK

45-55 seconds of free fall

 Denmarks highest jump

The most popular choice

Automatic 200 DKK discount mon-thu

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5,495 DKK

85-100 seconds free fall

Use of oxygen in the plane

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14,995 DKK

Europas highest jump!

Oxygen delivered by HALO2

Known from expeditions at Mount Everest

Incl. video and t-shirt

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Get a video of your skydive

A skydive is a completely unique "once in a lifetime" experience that cannot be compared to anything else. The only downside is that it is over far too quickly. Therefore, we find that most of our guests are really happy to have their jump filmed so they can subsequently relive the experience together with friends and family.

Common for all our video packages is that we document the entire experience. From when you put on the equipment until you stand on the ground again. You get a cool fully edited video showing all the highlights from the jump as well as 100+ high quality photos. All sent to your email within 24 hours of your jump.

As a little extra bonus, you also get a short video which is in the perfect format for posting on social media.


A handcam sits on the hand of your instructor and provides a cool close-up image of the entire experience - both in free fall and when the parachute is open. This solution is best when the parachute is open. We recommend the outside option to best capture the free fall.

2 km  795 DKK

4,5 km  795 DKK

6km  1,195 DKK


Outside is our most popular solution. With an external cameraman, you get a very dynamic video where you are filmed both up close and at a distance. This solution is best for free fall.

2 km  Not possible

4,5 km  995 DKK

6km  1,495 DKK


The deluxe package is the best of both worlds where you get both handcam and outside. It is the ultimate video from the greatest experience of your life!

2 km  Not possible

4,5 km  1,495 DKK

6km  1,995 DKK


What happens on a tandem jump

You arrive at Dropzone Denmark and go to the reception. Here you will get all the information you need before your jump. It takes approx. 10 minutes.

When it is your turn, you will be taken to the hangar where you will get all your equipment on and then your instructor will go with you to the plane. While you are in the plane, you can enjoy the view over the main land and all the way to the North Sea.

You will have the experience of a lifetime when you jump out into free fall, after which your instructor opens the parachute. You will land nice and easy on the grass in front of your family and friends who are waiting anxiously to hear everything about your skydiving experience!

Back in the hangar, you will receive your well-deserved diploma. If you have ordered a video, it will be sent by email within 24 hours. You are welcome to stay and eat something from the café and watch the next skydivers land.

What tandem jump suits you best?

At Dropzone Denmark we know that people are not the same, and that is why we offer the country's widest selection of tandem jumps. We also put a large emphasis on making all of our guests feel welcome and giving them a very personalized treatments with a focus on the fact that it is a "once in a lifetime" experience. So it is essential for us, that you get an experienzed that is tailored to your wants and needs.

2 KM – Hvis du ikke bryder dig så meget om det frie fald men hellere vil få muligheden for at nyde udsigten og stilheden under faldskærmen.

Fra denne højde får du nemlig under 10 sekunder i frit fald.

4,5 KM – Dette tandemspring er vores mest populære. Her får du alt op til et minut i frit fald med en fart på omkring 200 km i timen og derefter kan du nyde det smukkeste udsigt i Danmark under faldskærmen.

Dette faldskærmsudspring er derudover højere end hos alle andre faldskærmsklubber i Danmark, som kun går i 4 KM højde.

6 KM – Når du skal foretage et tandemspring fra denne højde, skal du faktisk bruge ilt i flyet!

Det er en vild oplevelse hvor du også får op til 100 sekunder i frit fald og derefter nyder turen under faldskærmen med din tandem instruktør.

7,6 KM – Europas højeste spring! Dette her spring er kun for dem hvor det kan simpelthen ikke blive vildt nok!

Denne oplevelse er noget HELT andet end et ”almindeligt” tandemspring. Du skal bruge ilt-system der er helt specielt udviklet til faldskærmsudspring, HALO 2, både i flyveren på vej op, men også i selve springet!

Med i prisen for dette spring, får du et video, billeder samt en valgfri T-shirt fra vores merch shop.

In the video below, you can see some examples of the different tandem jumps we offer here at Dropzone Denmark.

Give a tandem jump as a gift certificate

A skydive is the perfect gift to celebrate someone you care about. Whether it is for a confirmation, your mother, father, child, grandchild, grandparent or best friend, you can be sure that you will win "best gift" if you give a gift card from Dropzone Denmark!

Your gift recipient will also remember you and your gift with a smile on their face for as long as they live, because a tandem jump is an experience they will never forget.

Would you prefer to make a solo skydive?

There are many myths about skydiving, and one of them is that you need a tandem jump before jumping solo for the first time. That is simply not true. If you have the courage and desire to make your very first jump solo, you are definitely not alone and you are in the right place. At Dropzone Denmark you will find Denmarks safest solo skydiving course and experience free fall right from the first jump.

Frequently asked questions regarding a skydive

Find everything you need to know in the various tabs below. Click on the category you want to know more about.


There is no age limit for a tandem jump. You just need to be able to fit the harness. We have jumped with all ages from 5 years to 99 years old. Persons under the age of 18 must have a signature from a parent or guardian. This signature is filled out on arrival at the reception or you can print and bring our signature form.


To skydive, you can weigh max. 110 kg. incl. clothes and shoes.

In the end, however, it depends on the instructor and your body type. So contact us if you are in doubt.

Time and arrival

When you book your skydive, the booked time is the time you have to show up. We recommend that you set aside 3 hours for the experience.

Be aware that there might be a delay due to the weather, air traffic or the availability of the right instructor for you.

If you are a larger group, you should expect it to take longer.

For 6 km and higher, it takes longer.

Video and pictures

If you want to have your jump filmed, you can choose it when you book the jump.

If you didn't select a video package when you booked your skydive, it is still possible to add it to your booking or change your choice of video package on the day of your jump. However, there might be some limitations in regards to which options are available, so talk to our receptionist.

Once you have jumped, we need to edit the video before we can send it to you. Therefore, it can take up to 24 hours before you receive the video and pictures. They will be sent to your email in the form of a WeTransfer link where you can download the files from.

For safety reasons, the Danish Transport Agency's law states that you must have 150 jumps before you are allowed to take a camera with you. You may therefore not bring your own camera.

Can we jump together?

With the country's largest and fastest aircraft, we have room for as many as 7 tandem jumpers at a time. And in 2023 we set a Danish record of 145 tandem jumps in one day.

We will always prioritize that you jump together with your friends, but there may be circumstances that requires us to split your group up. It can for example be choice of video package, number of instructors at work, other activity and special needs.

Can my friends and family come with me?

Your friends and family are ofcourse welcome to be a part of the entire process from the introduction and gearing up until you land again. We do in fact recommend that you bring at least one person with you. It just makes your experience so much better!

While they wait, they can enjoy a cold soft drink or a bite to eat from our delicious café and then you land just a few meters from them.

What if I get hungry or thirsty?

We have a delicious café, NOMAD bar & café, at the dropzone.

It is therefore always possible to buy drinks, snacks and light meals when you are here. When we have a lot of activity it is also possible to buy full meals.


The weather has ofcourse an influence on your experience, but there is no such thing as the perfect skydiving weather.

In a cloudless sky you can see very far, but if there are clouds you get a better sense of how fast you are falling. Regardless of the weather, the rush of jumping out of the plane remains the same.

In relation to safety, we primarily look at clouds, wind and the combination thereof. Our instructors are trained to handle severe weather conditions, so there is a very good reason if we choose to stay on the ground. If it isn't possible to jump, we postpone the jump to another day.

For 6 km and higher there are stricter requirements for the weather.

Postponement and rebooking

A skydive is dependent on many things including the weather, the aircraft and the equipment. We understand that you would want to jump at the exact chosen time, but sometimes it is unfortunately not possible.

We strive to postpone a jump no later than 3 hours before the arrival time. However, it is not always possible. You will always be contacted personally.

In relation to the weather, we are in constant contact with both DMI and local weather stations. We will always give you our most honest estimate of the probability of jumping, but unfortunately we are not weather gods. If it looks really bad, we will typically contact you the day before.

Regardless of the reason, we will ofcourse rebook your jump without charge. Please note that this does not extend the validity of a gift card.

For 6 km and higher there are fewer times available.

Clothes & shoes

Bring practical clothes you can move around in and closed shoes that sit securely on your feet. Sandals and shoes with heels are not allowed.

It gets colder the higher we go up, so bring extra layers that you can put on if necessary. Rather several thin layers than one thick one. The rule of thumb is one extra layer compared to what you want to wear outside.

We provide you with gloves, a cap and a jumping suit, but in the summer we often jump in shorts and a t-shirt.

You can jump with contact lenses and glasses as long as the glasses are not too big.

For 6 km and higher there are stricter requirements for clothing.

Disabilities and health related issues

We have a lot of experience in jumping with people with all kinds of disabilities and health challenges. However, we must know all the details prior to the booking and in the end it will always be the tandem instructor's decision on the day to decide if they think it is safe enough for you to skydive.

We have experience in jumping with e.g. amputees, sclerosis, spastic paralysis, blind, deaf, pacemaker and much more. As some cases require extra resources on our part, we might set restrictions on jump type, video package and day/time of the jump.

For 6 km and higher there are stricter requirements for your health.

If you have any disabilities, please contact us at +45 22 40 11 17 or info@dropzonedenmark .dk. If we are in doubt about the risk of jumping, we will ask for your doctors approval, so contact us in good time.


When you jump with us, you are only covered by a third-party insurance by us. That means that you (the 1st party) must be covered by your own insurance in the event of an injury.

A single tandem jump is usually not considered as dangerous sport, but more like riding a rollercoaster. An ordinary accident insurance should therefore be enough. However, we always recommend that you check with your own insurance company if you are in doubt.

Gift cards

The validity of a gift card from us is 30 months (2.5 years).

If you have booked with a gift card, we need the codes on the gift card, so bring either a physical or digital copy on the day.

If you have a gift card from TrueStory, you need to book the jump on their website.

If you have a gift card from another provider, contact us at info@dropzonedenmark.dk.

Be aware that if your jump is postponed, it does not extend the validity of your gift card, so use it in good time.

Do you have any further questions, then write to us here: