The 2024 season is just around the corner and we can't wait to get going!

During the winter, Peter and Christian have been working hard on planning this season with activities that are in line with our values here at Dropzone Denmark. The 3 big pillars we have built DZDK on, and are putting an even bigger emphasis on this season are: the SPORT, SECURITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

It is immensly important to us that all of our activities reflect our values, and to keep you updated on what the 2024 season has in store for you, we have compiled a newsletter with all the major headlines. We are very excited about it all, and we hope that you are as well!

Fun jumper focused!

One of our main focus this year is going to be on the sport. Sport jumpers at Dropzone Denmark are not only our customers, you become our friends, colleagues and honestly you are the backbone of the skydiving sport. So this year we want to nurture that relationship as well as do our part in giving you the oppurtunities to enhance your abilities in the air, through series of actions and events.

Dropzone Denmark Activities Group

We have a lot of members in our community on facebook and we wish for everyone to use it. We encourage everybody to post events, logistics, good stories, safety advice or anything in between in the activities group. Find the activities group HERE.


One of our goal this season, is to have an event calendar so packed, that even if you would just stay here at Dropzone Denmark all summer, you would never get bored! We have some serious hard hitter events this season, so to keep you updated and in no risk of missing an event, we have made a page here on our website designated for all of our events. Make sure to check it out here: EVENTCALENDAR

Just to name a few of the events we have planned for you: We are bringing back the Berzerker boogie with some awesome organisers, this event has historically been our biggest during the season - so this is one you DO NOT want to miss! Halo boogie with jumps from 25,000 ft (7.6 km). Midsummer party, canopy coaching, 3 way cup focus days, island hops and SO MUCH more.

SunPath Open is cancelled

After some long discussions, we have decided to cancel SunPath Open this year. Unfortunately the Nordic Championship in CP was planned to take place the same week as we had planned SunPath Open this season. We believe that more participants make for a better competition, so we made the tough call to back the Nordic Championship by not having SunPath Open this year. We believe that the sport is not big enough (yet) to support 2 big CP competitions simultaniously. We encourage all competitors to support the competition in Aars. 

But don’t worry, swoop competition at Dropzone Denmark will return in 2025!


With all these events planned, we realized we need to be better at communicating with all of you. Therefore have we hired Kristín as a full time marketing-, event- and sales manager. She has already presented herself in the activities group but you will see a lot more posts from her moving forward.

One type of post you will see often in the activities group, is a poll for who wants to jump and when. We encourage you to use this poll whenever you want to jump, also if you feel like it is "a given" because you always participate - vote in the poll. It gives us, and others, an idea of how busy we will be.

We will also start using our newsletter more frequently to promote events, stories or campaigns. If you haven’t already then sign up on the website

Steve steppes down as co-owner

A lot of you have met Steve as our CI, rigger, Flight-1 instructor and co-owner. In 2023 Steve decided to move to the US to focus on his training for the season. This year Steve is officially stepping down as co-owner. Dropzone Denmark’s management has supported his decision all the way.

Thank you Steve for everything you brought to Dropzone Denmark. You will be missed and you are always welcome back.

DZDK Canopy Course

Dropzone Denmark is known as a dropzone with a big focus on canopy piloting. As most skydiving injuries happen under the canopy, this year we are proud to introduce our own canopy course. It is designed to give you the tools to handle many of the situations that we see all too often, and thereby make you a safer skydiver.

For those of you who are USPA members, you can use the course for your B license. But anyone can (and should) join no matter which license you have! Let’s stay safe through knowledge and practice.

DZDK Sponsored Athletes

We are VERY proud and excited to be able to support the development of the sport of skydiving even more this year, with our new sponsor program. In 2024 we have 13!! DZDK sponsored athletes with a jump count ranging from 25 to 1200+. You will be able to see them all compete at the nationals in 4-way belly, freestyle and CP.

3-way Cup

In our opinion, 3-way Cuppen ( is one of the best initiatives in the sport ever and we want it to be a great success! Therefore have we decided to not only sponsor the competition with all sorts of cool prices, but we will also offer every team that does their competition jump here at Dropzone Denmark:

- Free coaching

- Free slot for the camera jumper

So if you have a team, come on over and do your jump here! If you are in doubt if this offer includes you, then the general answer is YES it does. But you are always welcome to contact us for more information.

Pack tickets prices

Our packers work hard and make exceptionally few mistakes, keeping you safe on your jump. We have decided to honour their work by raising their salaries. This means that pack tickets are now a tiny bit more expensive than last season.

If you are renting our rigs, the price of the pack job is included in the jump price. You are of course allowed to pack by yourself when you jump the rig, but we have to pack it at the end of use. If you pack by yourself, let manifest know so we can deduct the price.

Military wings

We believe that achievable goals encourage progression, and that progression keeps skydivers in the sport. Our military wings have been changed to reflect this by allowing the bronze wing after only 1 jump, the silver wing after completing AFF level 3, and the gold wing after completing AFF level 8. We still have our black wing, which is the ultimate goal. But you have to be a sky god to get it!

Noise complaints and restrictions

We have one of the most quiet and CO2 friendly skydiving planes in Europe. Still, neighbours have been pushing the municipality to restrict our flying and unfortunately they have had some success. The final verdict is still yet to come but we will be required to close operation one Sunday each month and finish early two Saturdays each month.

This is of course less than ideal but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. We are still allowed to fly as much as we like just on other days. And when we close down early, we have the chance of a nice dinner together and maybe a beer or two in the bar.

We will also be doing some jumps at Samsø on days where we have to be closed, so keep an eye out for these types of events!

Opening hours

To keep up with our opening hours you can of course check in on the activities group on FB as always, but you can also look at our website under experienced jumpers. There you will find a calendar with starting time on every day we are open. The calendar is hooked to our internal calendar, so as soon as we notify our staff, the website will be updated as well.

Season start

Soon we will all be jumping from 15.000 ft, but please be careful! It is especially important at the start of the season, as we are not in the same jumping form as at the end of last season. Complacency is one of the biggest threats to our wonderful sport, so PLEASE start out slowly.

Also, keep in mind that you each year have to fill out a new waiver, get a Dropzone briefing and get your papers and licences checked. This may create some waiting time at the start of the season, so come prepared!

Blue Skies

Everybody at Dropzone Denmark can’t wait to get started and see you all again!

We hope you give a warm welcome to known as well as new staff. We also hope to see a lot of familiar faces - as well as welcome a lot of new faces.

Have fun, stay safe and see you all sooner rather than later!

Best wishes,

The Dropzone Denmark Team