Skydiving for the military

Get the unique Dropzone Skydiving Wing

Skydiving for the military

Dropzone Denmark offers a tailor-made solution for you, who is in the military. A solo skydiving course with your first skydive from 1,200 meters for only DKK 2,895. As an added bonus, you'll get:

  • A diploma
  • A T-shirt
  • two unique Dropzone Denmark parachute wings - both in metal and fabric

You will ofcourse get all of the above mentioned bonuses completely free of charge when you have completed your jump with us.

Contact us on or call us on +45 2240 1117 and schedule a time when you want to prove to yourself and your fellow soldiers, that you are capable of staying calm and focused in highly stressful situations. If you are in a group, there is a possibility to get a discount.

If you are already a skydiver, the individual wings can be purchased separately if the requirements are met.

Dropzone Denmark's skydiving wings

Bronze wing (1 jump)

The bronze wing is achieved on your first solo skydive at Dropzone Denmark. It is a symbol of your courage and your willingness to push your limits.

If you have purchased a military solo course, you will receive this wing for free when you have completed your solo jump.

Silver Wing (3 AFF jumps) 

Jumping out of a plane is one thing. Another thing is to be able to maneuver by your self in free fall at 200 km/h. The silver wing shows that you have more than courage. You have the ability to keep a cool head when it really matters.

The silver wing can be bought after you have passed AFF level 3. That is, you have jumped from 15,000 ft 3 times and have almost 3 minutes in free fall.

Gold wing (8 AFF jumps)

The gold wing shows that you belong in the air. You have done turns, backloops, tracked and proved that you have the discipline to jump without an instructor supervising you. You have persevered where most people give up.

After you have passed AFF level 8 you can buy the gold wing.

The Black Wing

The black wing is as exclusive as it gets. You are not just a skydiver, you are experienced and have proven your abilities on all fronts.

To achieve the black wing, you have to go through more than most skydivers do in their career. You must have done 8-way free fall formations. You must have jumped at night in complete darkness. And you must have jumped a HALO jump with oxygen in the plane.

How does a solo jump for the military work

You register via the provided registration link. The announced time is for the theory, which is on a different day than the jump.

You show up ready to receive approx. 4 hours of theory. If you are a big group, we can come to your barracks and hold the course.

The jumping day starts early with practicing the required movements. Now that you're all set, we'll fly up to an altitude of 4,000 ft where you have to prove that you have the courage to jump.

After everyone has jumped, you will be presented with a diploma, t-shirt and of course your skydiving wing which you can wear with pride.

Group discount

Great experiences must be shared with friends and a skydive is the greatest experience. So gather a bunch from the barracks. Not only will it be a better day when you jump, there is also a group discount available. If you are a big group, we have the option to adapt the course to your calendar and location.

But don't hesitate to contact us at or +45 22 40 11 17 and hear more. You can always find more participants later.


If you would like to save the unique memory of your first skydive, you have the option of purchasing a video of your jump for 295 DKK. The video will be edited so that you get something together with your friends and of course when you jump out of the plane.

The video can be purchased as late as on the day of the jump.

Skydiving strengthens your courage, discipline and focus

Skydiving in the military is a good idea as it contributes to the development of  your courage, control of will and your unity with your military comrads.

Standing in the door of an airplane and jumping out into the open is an overwhelming and terrifying experience. By overcoming these fears, skydivers develop a strong inner strength and resilience that can be transferred to other aspects of their military career.

It takes discipline and focus to perform the necessary actions correctly during the jump. This training in managing and controlling your emotions under pressure strengthens your ability to tackle other challenges and overcome adversity.

Jump again with free fall

After your first solo jump from 4,000 ft, you can continue on the AFF education with free fall from 15,000 ft. Because you have already completed the theory, you only have to go through a conversion process of approx. 1.5 hours. It's free and just requires you to coordinate with us when it should be.

You can read more about the AFF education on the solo page. Be aware that it will be cheaper than the stated prices as you have already completed the theory. Talk with our instructors about the actual price.

All the info about your skydive

Find everything you need to know in the various tabs below. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to call +45 22 40 11 17.


To do a solo skydive you must be 16 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, you must bring a signature from one of your parents or guardians. The signature is filled out on arrival at the reception or you can print and bring our signature form.

Weight and physic

To skydive, you must weigh max. 110 kg. incl. clothes and shoes. It's not physically demanding as such, but you must be reasonably flexible so that you can arch in freefall and move your arms freely above your head. If you have had a shoulder injury, please talk to us first.

Skydiving is a big experience and it can be very mentally tiring, so it's important that you are fresh and well rested.

Time and arrival

The time you have booked is the starting time for the theory. Please note that it usually takes 4 hours incl. breaks. If there are more than 24 participants, we can hold the course at the barracks.

The practical part and the jump itself take place on another day. We usually start the practical part at 7 am. Expect it to take all day to get your jump done.


If you want to have your jump filmed, you can choose it when you book the jump. If you did not get it selected or you have changed your mind, it is still possible to add it on the day of the jump.

Once you've jumped, we need to edit the video before we can send it to you. Therefore, it can take up to 48 hours before you receive the video. They will be sent to your email in the form of a link from WeTransfer where you can download the file.

For safety reasons, the Danish Transport Agency's law states that you must have 150 jumps before you are allowed to take a camera with you. You must therefore not bring your own camera.


Since it's an international license you are acquiring, just as we have both Danish and foreign instructors, much of the education will take place in English. If you are not comfortable with English, contact us in advance so that we can find a solution.


A night in our bunkhouse costs 125 DKK incl. bed linen and a towel. There are 4 and 8 person rooms with bunk beds. It's also possible to buy breakfast in the café.

Please book your accommodation in advance by contacting us at We have 24 beds.

Friends and family

Your friends and family are of course welcome to come and watch you jump. While they wait, they can enjoy a cold soft drink or a bite to eat from our delicious café and then you will land just a few meters from them.

You just need to be aware that we cannot guarantee at which time you will jump.


We have a delicious café at the dropzone. It will always be possible to buy drinks, snacks and light meals.


The weather can have a big impact on the safety of a skydive. Therefore, as a new skydiver, there are greater restrictions on what weather you may jump in. In a country like Denmark, this means that it can be difficult to get into the air at times.

We are ready when the weather is right, but it also requires you to prioritize stopping by when the conditions are right.


It is of course possible to jump in your uniform, but otherwise you must bring practical clothes that you can move around in and closed shoes that fit firmly on your feet. Sandals and shoes with heels are not allowed.

It is not that cold at the altitude we are going to, but bring an extra layer that you can put on if necessary. We provide gloves and a jump suit.

You can jump with contact lenses and glasses as long as the glasses are not too big.

Postponement and rebooking

A skydive is dependent on many things including the weather, the aircraft and the equipment. We understand that you would want to jump at the exact chosen time, but sometimes it's not possible.

On a solo jump, you do not have a fixed time booked for the jump. We will be in ongoing dialogue with you about when to show up and then we will get you in the air as soon as possible. Be aware that you also have a responsibility to be available and show up when the weather is good.

If more than one month passes between your course and your jump, then we need to refresh some of the theory.


When you jump with us, you are only covered by a third-party insurance by us. You (the 1st party) must be covered by your own insurance in the event of an injury. Some insurance companies require you to have a dangerous sport insurance. Talk with your insurance company before you jump.

I've been on the course but haven't jumped

After you have completed the course, you can see available dates and book your jump here.

Book a jump

You book a jump by contacting us at or +45 22 40 11 17. If a team has already been created on your barracks, you must use the registration link you have been given.

What is IAD

IAD stands for "Instructor Assisted Deployment". It is a method of deploying the parachute just after the jumper has left the aircraft. If you know about a static line jump, then it's basically the same thing.

With static line, the jumper is tied to the aircraft, so that the parachute is deployed automatically when the cord is stretched. With IAD, the jumper is "tied" to the instructor instead, so the instructor deploys the parachute. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but IAD is a newer method and generally considered to be safer.

An IAD jump is a really good way to experience your first skydive. You jump from approx. 4,000 ft and the parachute is opened automatically, so you can focus on the flight down underneath the parachute.