Skydiving events at Dropzone Denmark in 2024

Here at Dropzone Denmark, many interesting skydiving events are held during a season. Everything from our yearly Safety Day event, where we learn more about how to jump safely as a skydiver, to various competitions and boogies where the focus is on giving it your all, community and creating good memories together with your friends. At all our events, safety is a top priority, as always here at Dropzone Denmark, while we simultaiously put great emphasis on creating memorable experiences for all of our guests.

On this page you can see an overview of the skydiving events we either host or sponsor. If you want to read more about what each event is about, you can click on the name of the event that interests you.

At Dropzone Denmark everyone is welcome. So whether you are an experienced skydiver, completely new to the sport or have just the slightest interest in seeing what it is all about, you are always welcome. The same goes for what license you have, whether it's USPA, DFU or something else, you are always welcome to our dropzone.

Our café, Nomad Bar & Café, is open when we have any activity planned, so you are always welcome to stop by, when we are open, for a cup of coffee or a beer, even if there are no actual events. Again, EVERYONE is welcome at Dropzone Denmark, even if you are not a skydiver.

Regular events:

Every Wednesday from 1/4 - 31/10

  • Packaging exercises
    For you who want a package certificate as part of your education.
  • Theory for A-license
    Here you can get the necessary training depending on what you need.


We have not decided which events we want to promote this month, but we are looking forward to telling you what we come up with in not too long!